Stanley Keleman
Founder & Director

November 1931 - August 2018

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Spring 2017 Interview with Stanley Keleman for AAP journal Voices

Living Our Older Age - text adapted from an interview with Leila Cohn July 2015

Video interviews with Stanley Keleman by Leila Cohn, 2012 - 2015
(Brazilian Center of Formative Psychology)

Quantum Dynamics in the Human Experience

The Formative Practice, Evolutionary Dynamic and Quantum Mechanics

Entanglement and the Practice of Voluntary Muscular Effort

The Principle of Uncertainty in the Formative Process

The Cortex and the Quantum Process in the Body

Living Your Older Age

Forming a Personal Aging
(Formando um Envelhecimento Pessoal)

Aging is a Learning Process
(Novos Comportamentos)

New Behaviors Form New Memories and a Sense of Future
(Envelhecer um Processo de Aprendizagem)

Formative Concepts and Practice

Personal Evolution

The Formative Development of Voluntary Muscular Effort

Voluntary Muscular Effort as an Epigenetic Event

Slow Voluntary Muscular Effort Forms a Personal World

Voluntary Muscular Effort and Variations of Time

The Evolution of Voluntary Effort and the Body in the Brain

View of Reentry

On Dec. 8, 2012, Stanley Keleman discussed the embodied life with Eleanor Criswell, core faculty member of Meridian University. The conversation was a part of the university’s second annual Mystery of Embodiment summit. In this paper, Keleman elaborates on that interview and the principles of Formative Psychology.

You may listen to the interview and/or read an edited elaboration of the interview.



Stanley Keleman talked with Shrink Rap Radio host David Van Nuys
on August 10th, 2012 about "Creating an Embodied Life."

You may listen to the entire conversation, or in sections:

Creating an Embodied Life (full interview)

Part 1: A Rich and Fascinating Background

Part 2: Embodying: The Body You Shape

Part 3: Forming Thinking and Emoting

Part 4: Dreams and the Body

Part 5: Cortical and Cultural Evolution

Edited Transcription of this interview

A conversation between Stanley Keleman and John Vasconcellos, recorded on December 4th, 2011. It was part of a summit on The Mystery of Embodiment hosted by Meridian University.


Creative Conversations in Somatic Psychotherapy 2008

Charlotte Selver Oral History Project 2009

Depression and Panic with Terrance McLure