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Books by Stanley Keleman

Myth & The Body: A Colloquy with Joseph Campbell $16.95
Stanley Keleman says in the introduction, "Myths serve a practical function. They enable people to organize the experience of their own bodies. Myths are a collective dream of a culture and are no different than a personal dream."
ISBN 0-934320-17-9 paper (1999), 91 pages

Love: A Somatic View $15.00
An insightful analysis of the biological basis of love and individual patterns or styles of giving and receiving love. Includes case studies and suggestions for therapeutic intervention.
ISBN 0-934320-15-2 paper (1994), 96 pages

Patterns of Distress $15.00
This clinical study shows the process by which shock, trauma, abuse and neglect are embodied into individual somatic patterns of distress.
ISBN 0-934320-13-6 paper (1989) illustrated, case studies, 75 pages

Bonding $15
A discussion of some of the somatic aspects of transference and counter transference and the relation of body forms to the therapeutic process.
ISBN 0-934320-11-X paper (1996) diagrams, case studies, 131 pages

Embodying Experience $19.95
A companion volume to Emotional Anatomy, this book describes the methodology that accompanies Keleman's somatic theories. Using a systematic guide, the reader is encouraged to identify his own somatic patterns and to learn from his experience.
ISBN 0-934320-12-8 paper (1987), 108 pages

Emotional Anatomy $39.95
A landmark work that revisions both anatomy and psychology. It presents in depth how sadness, anger, fear and other emotions are physiologically organized. With 120 original drawings.
ISBN 0-934320-10-1 paper (1985), 176 pages

Your Body Speaks Its Mind $16.95
This book is about the emotional language and biological language of the body, which Keleman puts together. He says, "We do not have bodies, we are our bodies. Emotional reality and biological ground are the same and cannot, in any way, be separated or distinguished." Life incarnate is a process of individual human experience manifesting in the body.
ISBN 0-934320-01-2 paper, 192 pages

Somatic Reality $14.95
Transitions--crises-changes, and turning points--are part of each human life and they include bodily transitions and experience. How life changes are expressed somatically is the theme of Somatic Reality.
ISBN 0-934320-05-5 paper (1979), 128 pages

Human Ground / Sexuality, Self and Survival $10.95
This is Keleman's first book and the one which covers the most basic aspects of his work and philosophy. In a style that quickly engages the reader, he weaves a picture of human form and experience--the many ways people take on self-definition. Short, concise chapters include many case histories and therapeutic dialogues from Keleman's workshops.
ISBN 0-934320-02-0 paper (1971), 195 pages

Living Your Dying $19.95
Formerly published by Random House and now in its sixth printing, Keleman's popular book examines attitudes toward dying, styles of dying, and styles of living.
ISBN 0-934320-09-8 paper (1974), 158 pages


Compact Discs of Stanley Keleman

Somatic-Practice Series

Seeking Attention$10.00
Warding Off Invasion$10.00
Be Quiet$10.00
Forming Goodbye$10.00
Being Available$10.00
Looking and Knowing$10.00
Seeking and Searching$10.00
Protecting Yourself$10.00
Being Right$10.00


Workshops and Talks

Anger & Illness (2 CDs)$15.00
Constitutional Dilemmas (2 CDs, including exercises)$15.00
Coping with Loss (4 CDs)$25.00
Family Body$10.00
Myth & Body$10.00
Paranoia & Hysteria$10.00
Somatic Shapes, Somatic Sanity$10.00
Self Regulation Berlin 2007$15.00


DVDs with Stanley Keleman

Shapes of Depression and Panic$35.00
The Organism as a Pulsatory Continuum London 2007$25.00


Wall Chart - View Here

The Continuum of Startle and Stress$10.00

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